3. Far from not having a sense of humour, any culture that can create epic sized fibre glass "muffler man" dotted around the land scape has no need for funny pills.

4. According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 04/23/10 at 15:30 UTC (EST+5) is 309,124,692. This demonstrates a) America's obsession with statistics and b) that any generaliization about Americans has to be challanged.

5. You know you have a long ways to travel when the GPS voice tells you "after 475 miles... stay left ".

America has spread a cultural iconology across the world. The power of initially Hollywood film , subsequally tv has entered our global consciousness, across so many generations for good or bad. For me, the urge to travel to America experience the reality and see first hand the stunning scenery of Yellowstone National Park, California's Big Sur, and the beaches of Florida's Gulf coast became ever stronger. The only barrier to a young(ish) guy in his twenties was the vast expense of air travel. Then a knight in shining armour arrived to enable a dream to be realised. Finding the cash for Sir Freddie Laker's "Sky Train" was hard, but who knew when such an opportunity would present itself again. For a person born in the fifties and having lived in South London for the most part, waking up to see the blue sky, even bluer ocean and Palm trees swaying in the warm breeze. Wow! Clearly we were not in Elephant and Castle anymore. The "big boat" Buick's, Cadillac's, Pontiacs floated serenely by. The serenity helped by the national 55mph speed limit. These were defining moments for me and my wife as we returned again and again to experience the sheer enjoyment and wow! factors across too many states to mention. And we now return constantly to spend as much time as possible there.


"Americans can become serious collect-a-holics.
From Cookie Jars to Peanut Man via Jukeboxes and lumps of
the original "Plymouth Rock"


This site offers a small choice of things that either have a style or uniqueness that "spoke" to me. Some of the them will never be made again,
others are reproductions of classics from a vintage era obtained mainly from my direct travelling across the states.
The rest are just fun collectables or pieces of kitsch that are meant to bring a smile to your face. Vintage Americana at its best!

"Hope you enjoy the site and thanks for dropping by my vintage store"

Regards Brian

1. Americans are some of the most generous and kindly people I have ever met. To this day I still get Americans shaking me by the hand and saying "thanks for coming….". Well thank you for your hospitality and courtesy over the years.

2. It truly is a vast country and the best place to holiday on the planet, whether your choice is beaches, mountains, deserts or cities.

This vastness is reflected in the sheer mind numbing list of interesting objects that people either collect or want/ sell/own. Interesting oddities, beautiful artefacts, native American art, the list is endless.

"Many years (and miles) later I came to the following conclusions"




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