Bakelite Cola Radio: Ref RAD001 595

Rare Butterscotch Emerson Radio: Ref FL05 90

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 Gorgeous rare vintage 1947 working Emerson Butterscotch tube radio MODEL 547A .
Iconic mid-century design and style and one of the most popular names in antique radio.
Measures L: 9" x W: 5" x H: 5.5"
. Made in New York.
The butterscotch plastic case is the original color. The plastic knobs are original.Would look great in any collection, an unforgettable gift, or unique display piece

"The Dynatomic" by Stromberg Carlton (1951) - Coca Cola Radio - A real beauty.
Was able to tune in to stations. Model No 1400-H Made in Rochester NY - USA The cabinet is
streamlined/machine age/Deco style with round corners and a wrap around grill.
For the radio or Coca Cola advertising collector. Size: 12 inches wide x 10 inches deep x 8 inches tall.


Here you have a great vintage early admiral record player.
Seems to be in a bakelite case which is in fantastic condition.
Size: 15.50 inches wide x 14.25 inches tall x 9 inches deep.
Deserves a loving home and pride of place.

Standard Admiral Bakelite Gramophone: Ref M005 395

Here we have a Bush DAC90A vintage bakelite radio. It measures
approx. 12 inches x 9 inches x 7 inches. It was manufactured in the 1950's
and is a great buy for radio enthusiasts and art deco collectors.
This radio is in good, fully working condition. It has a mains supply 200-250 volts.

Made by Point - of - Purchase Displays, Inc in 1949 model 5A410A
: 12inches wide x 8.50inches deep x 9.50 inches . Red bakelite, two original knobs.
Plays clearly and strongly throughout the AM band. A new AC power
cord has been added for safety. The bakelite case is in good condition.

Bush Radio, Type DAC. 90A: Ref RAD004 75

Mains Power "Cooler" Radio: Ref RAD003 355