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Shell Electric Wall Clock: Ref CL006 395

Spinner Clock: Ref CL003 295

Champion Electric neon wall clock
In full working order if used with a USA to
UK transformer
Size: 15 inches diameter x 6 inches deep.

Foremost Ice Cream Clock: Ref CL005 395

Vintage Art Deco Clock Ref: CL001 100

"Warren Technochron" c.1933. Solid working example, digital clock.
A classic, simple look in phenolic material, believed to
be bakelite. The numerals on the clock flip over.

Size is approx. 8"x 4"x 4" and the condition is good.


Lovely old blue Postal Telegraph
wall clock with nice old numerals on the clock face
Size: 20 inches diameter x 4 inches deep.
Makes a nice feature on the wall


Really nice clock. Fully working. If used in the U.K. needs a USA to UK transformer
A real talking piece from the now defunct Foremost Dairies Division.
The Foremost name was originally introduced in 1961.
Size: 18 inches tall x 15.50 inches wide x 3.75 inches deep.

Postal Clock: Ref CL004 275


Fully working clock. Nice unusual shape
Lights up to great effect
If used in the u.k. will need a US to UK step down transformer
Is in good condition, Size: 18 inches x 6 inches deep.

Zippo Wall Clock: Ref CL002 SOLD

Large, striking , vintage neon wall clock
Clock has a black surround and case. Lettering is white
with large red hands.
Size: 19 inches diameter x 5.25 inches deep.



PLEASE NOTE: Having searched for some time to find a way of ensuring that clocks designed and manufactured in the
USA will function both as accurate clocks and great decorative pieces it is really good news to
announce that thanks to Mark Lines of clocklines.com, a great solution is to hand. Mark supplies 110v 50-60hz
frequency convertors that solves the 70 year old problem of different frequencies of the mains supply
in different countries. No alterations are required at all. See this link for further details www.electric-clocks.co.uk